Travelling and what I think after four weeks

So we're now four weeks into our trip and travelling, it has to be said, is completely different to what I expected. There is more waiting, more carrying and more bargaining than I expected. In contrast to this, there is more fun more excitement and more reward also. 

Travelling is not as easy as I thought it would be - planning and organising take up a huge chunk of your time, maybe up to 40% of it. Travelling itself takes maybe another 20% which leaves 40% for your experiences (although travelling can be an experience too when your bus driver thinks he is driving a go-cart and rags the living shit out of his vehicle around the traffic and narrow streets of Bali even into oncoming traffic. It was so bad half the bus were nervously making random gasps all around as we all hoped it would end sooner than it did 4 hours of edge of your seat adrenaline). Experience wise we've done a fair bit of diving and hiking up volcanoes, I've tried to eat as much local food as possible and Hannah has tried to pet as many cats as she can see which on Gili happens to be one every 30 metres.


The experiences and meeting new people have been the highlights of the trip so far and they have both gone hand in hand. In Probolingo we met Javi and Bea a lovely Spanish couple based in Singapore who wanted to climb Mount Bromo so for both Bromo and Ijen they became our hiking buddies. We scaled the two peaks in 24 hours and got to share the experience with more than just ourselves. 


When we landed in Labuan Bajo airport we saw a couple who had the same bag as us (the Osprey Farpoint) and that got us talking to our next travel companions Victoria and Alain. Hailing from New Zealand and winding down to the end of their 4-month trip. They had just driven up Vietnam and had lots of advice for us for when we attempt the same in a few months. They were also going on to a liveaboard diving trip with Uber Scuba in Komodo national park the next day. Lucky for us they had found out that the trip had had a late cancellation and told us about it meaning that the next four days of our trip had clicked into place and it was a truly amazing. The corals and sea-life in Komodo are stunning. Uber Scuba Komodo and the boat were brilliant. The people we met on the boat were all really fun to be around and the crew were so helpful and made our time on the Amalia super enjoyable.

On our last night in Labuan, we bumped into a lovely Dutch couple (Jan and Myriam) who we spoke to for a couple of hours about what they were doing in Indonesia and how they had lived in the UK for a while. It was a really nice way to see out our last evening in Flores, sharing it with total strangers and feeling like you have known them for years. We regularly update each other on whatsapp now on what we are up to on our travels.

It's these moments that are making traveling so much fun doing amazing things is great but it's even better when you can share it . The boring bits are all part of the experience as well so if you are travelling try and enjoy them if you can and if you can't just think they make the good bits stand out so much more. 

Suffice to say traveling ain't easy but if it was it would be shit, all things need to be in balance I think that's why I'm so turned off by package holidays, I don't want all things all the time. Where is the excitement where is the discovery and where the hell is the fun in that.

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