The first few days

The first few days have been a blast if somewhat crazy we have been on three planes one overnight boat and 2 diving trips. We slept in the entryway of one hotel due to that same overnight boat arriving 4 hours early meaning we couldn't check in to anywhere on the island as it was completely closed. 

We have been to a cafe with over 30 huskies and dived to depths of 16.8 metres seen some amazing sunsets drank some bad coffee and some good and Hannah has had at least one session of either food poisoning or motion sickness and I have had the worst jet lag I've ever experienced so you could say its been pretty full on but we wouldn't really want it any other way.


Day 1: Flight day was probably the smoothest day we have had probably because it just consisted of sitting on two Etihad flights of wildly differing quality the first plane from London had good food, good toilets, comfy seats and good leg room the second plane only had the latter. They did get us to Thailand though so that was the only thing we cared about. 

After landing and getting through a very busy border control we quickly got a Thai sim which I will discuss in another post (link to come) we jumped on the sky train to our hostel which was a five-minute walk from the station. The yard Hostel ( is a great hostel nicely settled between the two major airports but a bit further out of town, however, having the Skytrain so close allows you to get into town easily without having to deal with loads of taxis and tuk-tuks.  The dorms were clean and have large lockers big enough to keep your main luggage in, I have an Osprey Farpoint 80ltr ( and I managed to fit that and my hand luggage in there. 


Day 2: We had to catch a flight to Chumphon in the evening so in the morning we went to the true love Husky cafe ( which Hannah has done a write up on here ( After that it was a taxi ride to Don Muang airport over the toll road it was a quick fifteen-minute ride and from the look of the normal roads, it was well worth the 70baht charge. 

Internally we flew with Nok Air and landed in Chumphon where we had a three-hour wait before we caught the night ferry. The night ferry itself was clean and contained a large dorm for everyone to sleep in. However, I find it hard to sleep on a boat and Hannah was suffering due to seasickness so it wasn't the most enjoyable ride for us that coupled with the fact that the boat got in so early we couldn't check in to any hotels/hostels for 4 hours. we did manage to find a hotel called the regal resort ( that had a night porter who was asleep but who kindly let us wait in the foyer  till 8 when we could check in but being awake for that long really pushed my jet lag over the edge and basically wiped me out for the whole day we had arranged to begin a diving course at Davy Jones Locker diving school ( but thankfully they allowed us to move the course back a day so that we could get over Hannah's sickness and my jet lag. 


Day 3: As nice as the Regal Resort was it was a bit out of our budget projections so we had to move on to another spot. The place we decided on was Khun Ying House ( which for the price is amazing. 

(Originally we were only going to stay here for two days but decided to extend for the duration of our stay in Koh Tao. However someone else had booked the fan only room we were in so after some discussion we upgraded to a private bathroom room and I have to say these are very nice rooms we don't really need air con as I think it slows down the process of acclimating to the temperature of the country your in so in terms of cost we got a pretty sweet deal.) 

After locating a room we then needed to find Scuba revolution ( as they had prescription scuba masks in my prescription which is amazing as my prescription is quite strong and I had kind of given up on Scuba diving but Hannah had done a tonne of research before we left for which I am hugely grateful. so after a little bit of google mapping, we found the shop and they did have a mask that I could use. The cost was about £150 which is fairly large cost but its something I will be able to use for a good few years so I am looking at it as an investment and the plan while we are on Koh Tao is to complete our PADI ( open water basic and advanced diving courses which I will also cover in another post (link to come). 


So that's the first few days as of writing we have just finished the open water part of our diving course and so far its been amazing but I want to wait until the end of the advanced course before I write a full article on the experience. Keep up to date with us on all of the usual channels as we are posting daily to Instagram @wedded.wanderers ( and will be trying to get some more content up on here as well.

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