Thailand Itinerary. Only 4 days to go!!!

Ahhhhh! I can’t believe there are only 4 days until we fly to Thailand. I can’t stop looking up different things to do, other people’s videos and itineraries. I also keep getting worried we’ll miss out on something we definitely should have done. We have some ideas as to what we’re going to do so far.

I’m really hoping it makes sense and that we have an awesome time. I’m sure we will! Below is a brief overview of our intended itinerary, I am sure I’ve tried to include far too much, so it’ll be interesting to see what we actually do end up doing.


We’re flying into Bangkok from London on Friday and landing mid-afternoon on the Saturday giving us the evening to explore (if we’re not too jet lagged). We managed to find a nice place on Airbnb near the Temple of Dawn which looks like it’s fairly central and easy to reach other temples and sites in Bangkok.

We’re in Bangkok Saturday, Sunday and Monday day/early evening so apart from experiencing the local area we’re also going to make sure we go to the floating market, the famous Khaosan Road, Chinatown, Flower Market, Cruising down the river. We’d love to do a Muay Thai session if possible too and I know they have gyms in Bangkok and Chiang Mai amongst other places. I’ve also seen a Tuk Tuk foodie tour which could be really nice, however now I feel like i’m really pushing it with time!

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Bangkok to Chiang Mai

On the Monday evening we’ve booked a sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You can’t do this online so we had to use a third party who you pay to go and buy the ticket for you and when you get to Thailand you pick the ticket up from their office (

We booked a second class sleeper after reading about all the different classes, it seemed good enough and a reasonable amount of money. It’s cheaper than taking an internal flight and we thought it’d make a good experience. For those of you considering it I also heard that although the A/C is great it gets quite chilly after a while and also that the food on board is not great so it’s worth bringing your own. Alcohol is also not allowed on board.


Sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Image via

Chiang Mai

We arrive in Chiang Mai in the early morning around 8.40 ish. We still need to book accommodation for at least the first two days. I can imagine we will be pretty tired from the train journey but the Tuesday we will spend looking around and finding out what we would like to do for the rest of the week. We’ve already booked a day in the elephant sanctuary (, the Pamper a Pachyderm single day visit. There are cheaper ones but this one encompassed everything we want to do. I can’t wait to feed and bathe the elephants! And there’s no riding elephants in sight!

We’re staying in Chiang Mai until our flight to Phuket on Monday morning (6am OUCH). I stupidly screwed up my dates as I was hoping we’d have been in Chiang Mai on the weekend of the Flower Festival, but sadly it’s the weekend after. Never mind! So the Thursday and Friday and possibly some of the Saturday I would like to organise going to somewhere not far from Chiang Mai, be it  Pai, Chiang Rai or other, I haven’t decided yet. I would really love to do some rafting and go and see the White Temple and Doi Suthep, but again we haven’t got too much time. Initially I wanted to do a Hilltribe Trek, but having looked into it more I don’t want to be those annoying tourists intruding on people’s way of life just because it seems like a cool thing to do. At the weekend we want to go to the Saturday walking market and the Sunday Night Market. Whilst in Chiang Mai we’re thinking about doing a cooking class too as it’s supposed to be the foodie capital of Thailand (the thought is making my mouth water).

Chiang Mai White Temple. Image via

Khao Sok

We have an extremely early morning flight on the Monday which will take us directly from Chiang Mai to Phuket. We’re not staying in Phuket, nor am I really interested in seeing much of it. We’ve set our sights on Khao Sok a national park that looks incredible. I’m currently looking into booking a night in a treehouse for the first night with a massage. The next 3 days we want to do a survival trek in the jungle learning how to make shelters, find water in trees, make fire, hunt (without actually killing anything), what plants are poisonous and what’s edible etc. The following 2 days we want to do a lake tour which would include staying in the floating huts on Cheow Lan Lake, taking a dip in the hot springs, seeing waterfalls and a cave and doing some kayaking.

Khao Sok National Park. Image via

The Islands – Krabi, Railay Beach, Ko Lanta…

The final week we don’t have any solid plans. I would like to go from Khao Sok down to Krabi, Railay Beach and Ko Lanta. I’ve heard about a 4 island tour you can take from Ko Lanta which is supposed to be lovely, visiting Ko Phi Phi and other islands. There are so many other places I want to see and do but one other place we might make time for on the Friday, the day before we head back is a day trip to Ayutthaya which used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Siam.

Phheeeewww! That’s a lot of stuff. Seeing it all written down makes it even more exciting! Eeeek I can’t wait!!!

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