One day to go

Here we are one day away, have we packed everything are we ready 'is this the real life or is this just fantasy.' "Pinches self" yes this is real we are going and even if we have forgotten something it won't be anything unfixable. This is the point where all the planning, all the fretting all the running stop this is ground zero and I'm ready for lift off.

So why do I want to do this, personally after 5 years of working towards shifting careers and settling into my new career path. I have gotten to a point where I want to expand my horizons a little more, career focused tunnel vision has set in and creatively I have found myself in a bit of a groove. 

I feel like I need a creative/personal refresh and seeing the world can only help with that aim. There is a great talk by Stefan Sagmeister on happiness that I am reminded of where he talks about the ability of an adventure to new places to re-ignite your passion and also clear out the creative debris that clutters my head causing some repetition in my projects. 

Irrespective of that the world is an amazing place and time is finite so while we have a chance why not give it a go. this time tomorrow ill be touched down somewhere in bangkok with the loosest of plans for where our adventure will take us we have an idea of the countries we want to visit and a few ideas for things to do but we really want to let nature take its course and lose ourselves in the adventure. thats not to say having a plan is a bad idea but a bit of spontaneity only adds to the excitement. It feels a little like a first date or a maybe the first day at school my emotions are all over the place a little excited a little hesitant but very much prepared to get on with the trip bring on the sun and bring on the adventure ASIA HERE WE COME!

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