Malaysia a country divided

A country that at its core is still beautiful and has a rich and interesting heritage (I just couldn't find it). 

As travellers, we found this country far from what we expected. Malaysia is a beautifully multicultural country that is currently in something of an identity crisis in my opinion. 

The historical spots like Penang and Malacca are so overly developed in terms of tourism. So much so that any real soul that the places originally had have been clawed out and are left rent and open, replaced by a horde of hawkers of cheap tat and armies of people. With armies of people come rudeness and a lack of consideration for others and I think this was one of my main issues with Malaysia, my other issue is that any "touristy" place that is not a heritage site has been developed in such an artificial manner that it feels like a pastiche of reality. A theme park, consumerist prefabrication at total war with the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Don't get me wrong the country is beautiful and has a lot going for it. Kuala Lumpur is my second favourite city we have visited after Singapore. KL feels comfortable and like a city in a huge growth spurt that is confident and sure of where it is going. 

The landscape of Malaysia is amazing and naturally very beautiful. The waterfalls we visited were stunning and the beaches were perfect. 

Penang's beaches are some of the best we have ever visited white sands and beautiful ocean. The countries food is great and you can usually find great Curries and Chinese food Wherever you are.

I just can't get past the feeling of disappointment that I feel when every place I visit has two to three large malls regardless of town size. I guess my issue is that it feels like all of the real history of the place has been whitewashed over with H&M and Mcdonalds. I have found it really hard to want to write or be creative while I have been here because it feels like I have visited a country-sized Shopping centre.

This could be because of the places we have visited before we visited here, Myanmar and Indonesia were so sure of who they were and proud of their history. and for a short holiday, I think Malaysia would be good. It's South East Asia lite, warm showers and consumerism with bartering and beaches if that's what you want then this is the perfect place for you but if you want something more, if you want to delve into the history of a culture and feel a place more than just skimming the pond's surface I would suggest looking elsewhere. 

We travelled the south-east side of the country so I cant speak for the rest of it such as Borneo, a place we really wanted to see but couldn't due to the weather and time restrictions.

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