Family matters

So I'm on the train on my way back to Nottingham to go camping for a couple of days with my dad and brother it's all very exciting and I am feeling fairly on top of all the jobs I need to get done before we go on the big trip.

I wanted to see all of my family before I head off and bar my brother who is living in Berlin I will have managed to catch up with just about everyone before we go.

Keeping up to date with family is super important to me as these are the people who have been there through everything and who know me the most.

Knowing I definitely won't see any of them in person for 6 months is something I'm not looking forward to but if anything it helps to impress the importance of seeing them regularly when I can. And not getting too complacent about visits.

We leave in a week and a half now and I am as excited as an otter with stackable cups

Hopefully we will be able to get the time to do the very first vlog in the next week and a bit!

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