Cash machines in Asia

It's only a small change but in Asia, cash machines or ATMs give you your money first. We were lucky enough to learn this in an airport where another honest tourist let us know straight away. 

You see the problem is is that after giving you the cash it asks you if you want to do anything else such as take more cash out. We have heard of a few people now who have accidentally walked away without taking their card and someone else then draws out as much of your funds as they can straight after. 

We met a couple of English girls who had had this happen to them as well as having their bag snatched in Kuta Bali (talk about a bad experience) but they were still quite upbeat fortunately! 

I mean most of this stuff is common sense and 99.9% of the people we have met have been lovely and amazing. Just keep your wits about you, use common sense and you will be fine.

So if you are travelling please remember to make sure you get your card. 

Safe travels.

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