About Us

First we met, then we fell in love and then we got married. It’s a story but marriage is not how the story ends.

What we want to remember, years from now, is not just each other’s faces or hair or hands, or the time we spent with our families and friends.
We don’t want to just recall the nights spent laughing over pints in the pub, or at home snuggled cozily, watching a series, reading and listening to the soft murmur of our sleeping cats. When we got married we promised each far more than just that. We promised each other the world.

So, why wait to deliver on that promise? Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow and wherever you travel, you find different lives and
different souls. And if you travel far enough you’ll find yourself. As if each mile, each moment taken in, is a small transformation and a layer peeled away. We want to know what lies beneath the last layer and discover in complete fullness each other’s’ souls.

We start this journey together, wherever we go, we go together and at the end we’ll find one another together. So, that years from now we can remember not just the family, friends, pubs, shows and cats but also that it was a beautiful, strange, heartbreaking and oh so magnificent world we saw and shared together.

Our current big adventure is five and a half months travelling around South East Asia which we hope you'll enjoy reading about. We hope to share tips, lessons learnt and stories from our travels. Please comment and let us know about your own experiences, tips or questions or email us on hello@weddedwanderers.com, we'd love to hear from you! 

Hannah & Kieron